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Basic Horsemanship - Groundwork

Students learn how to be safe around horses, how to: catch a horse in a pasture, halter and lead a horse safely, basic horse care and grooming, and basic groundwork skills for communication and preparing to ride.

Advanced Groundwork

Students learn advanced on-line skills to train a horse and maneuver obstacles.  In this style of working with a horse the ultimate partnership can be created where communication is key.  The handler learns how to teach the horse using horse psychology to problem solve in order to teach and the horse learns how to ask questions in order to learn.  

Riding Basics - Freestyle

Students learn how to prepare a horse for riding, saddling, mounting, rein uses, go and whoa,  control during an emergency, emergency dismount, how to maneuver obstacles and transitions.

Intro to Liberty

Students learn the art of the invitation for a horse to work with you without the use of any long line or lead line.  Students learn how to teach a horse to respond to ques in an effort to create a  harmonious relationship that is completely your horses choice.

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