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The True Art of Horsemanship


I can't think of anything more exciting than using the gifts I have developed as a teacher and meshing them with my love of horses!  I grew up riding on occasion but it wasn't until college that I chose to work with horses.  Before I became a teacher, early in my college career I studied Animal Science at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo.  It was there where I became immersed in the Equestrian program. I completed the breeding program, foal management, yearling training, horsemanship and ultimately completed all courses in the program except the internship.  I was lucky enough to have professors who were emphasizing natural horsemanship and exposed us to the idea of working with the horse's natural instincts to create a partnership.  While there I had the privilege to attend a Tom Dorrance clinic and was able to see what the true art of horsemanship was all about.    When I was 23 I completely walked away from horses and life took over.   After a time without horses in my life, I got back into horses and began studying natural horsemanship again to learn how to communicate with horses using their natural instincts and horse psychology to partner with the horse instead of using force.  I began studying with Nancy Falconer and ultimately Pete Rodda who have taught me how to look for changes in the horse for understanding.  They taught me how to wait longer and move slower and to allow the horse to find answers rather than telling them what to do.  Reward the slightest try and build from there was and still is the main focus.  It is all about the art of allowing and an invitation to cooperate together.  It's a true relationship when both partners have a say and really working with horses is all about understanding and finding a way to do things together.

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